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Customized, Open-Source, Edge-to-Center Data Planes for Data Analysis, CyberSecurity, Visualization and Automated Data Governance.

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DFHeinz Incubation

Become self sufficient with open source

Our team combines multiple open source technologies to meet specific business needs on a tight budget & deadline. 

DFHz is a U.S.-based, machine learning and data infrastructure integration consultancy.  As a data transformation consultancy, DFHz provides both services and products focused specifically to help clients receive the maximum benefit and revenue from their data.

DFHz has over 140 consultants located in North, Central, South America, Spain and Poland.  DFHz designs, develops and deploys docker/kubernetes-based edge and center computing data planes using state-of-the-art open-source, license-free software components. 

The rapid software development methodologies created, used and shared by DFHz have allowed DFHz clients to enjoy the benefit of a shortened time to market (TTM).  A reduced TTM of a custom data plane implementation often results in a “first to market” positioning and a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and, therefore, a significant competitive advantage.

Solve complex challenges

Get to market with our data sprints. Elect to reduce or eradicate vendor support fees and augment your development team as part of the process. 

Services provided by DFHz during our data sprints can incorporate the following:

  • Application migration to microservices and cloud
  • Hortonworks Data Platform DevOps, application development and support
  • Apache Software Foundation, Hashicorp, Netflix OSS, Google and Amazon open-source component integration into existing legacy applications
  • Custom training creation and delivery tailored toward the client’s domain or application space
  • Performance analysis and amelioration of all ASF-based component services (with or without HDP or Cloudera stacks):
    • NiFi topolopy development, refactoring and performance enhancement
    • Hive 3 (with LLAP) development and performance enhancement
    • Kafka and Pulsar message infrastructure development and performance enhancement
  • IoT Capabilities:
    • Edge Computing – Edge device connectivity, data acquisition & control of:
    • Realtime Discrete & Process Systems
    • Industrial Controllers: PLCs, Embedded Controllers, PC-Based Controllers
    • Industrial network connectivity: ProfiBus, CanBus, Ethernet IP, ModBus, DeviceNet
    • Sensors & Control Devices: AC/DC Motor Drives & Motion Control Drives
    • Fog Computing
      • IOT Bridges
      • Edge data filtering and compilation
      • Interface with SCADA, DCS & PLCs
      • Supervisory control of edge devices
    • Cloud Computing
      • Ingestion of Realtime Edge data
      • Edge device and system configuration data
      • Interface with MES and ERP systems to control Edge Workflow


Develop a Smart Data Catalog

Our smart data catalog can extend and adapt to new emerging business needs and serves as a versatile data plane.   Our smart data catalog,  after ascertaining the location and characteristics of all enterprise data (both SQL and NoSQL), provides multiple query interfaces for fast data access transparently across the distributed, heterogeneous data sources. Query results are displayed in user-specified dashboards for BI analysis with data visualizations. This user-customized dashboard capability is a free, open-source component (Superset) that replaces the need for Tableau and its license.


Solution Architecture

gain the competitive advantage

Few organizations today are getting value out of their data. For more than a decade, we have worked with CTOs and CFOs to expedite project deadlines and significantly reduce the cost of complex data initiatives. This is the DFHeinz guarentee. 

Incubation Program

diversify your business portfolio

This program is designed for companies that want to diversify their portfolio or meet a critical deadline in 30 days. We work with teams to expedite market-ready products and, at the same time, augment whole developer teams in 3-6 months.


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