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Customized, Open-Source, Edge-to-Center Data Planes for Analysis, Security, Provenance and Governance.

Build an impressive big data portfolio
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DFHeinz Incubation
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Meet critical deadlines

Our team combines multiple open source technologies to meet specific business needs on a tight budget & deadline. 

Solve complex challenges

Get to market with out data sprints. Elect to reduce vendor fees and augment your development team as part of the process. 

Develop a Smart Data Catalog

Our smart data catalog can extend and adapt to new emerging business needs and serves as a versatile data plane.

Solution Architecture

gain the competitive advantage

Few organizations today are getting value out of their data. For more than a decade, we have worked with CTOs and CFOs to expedite project deadlines and significantly reduce the cost of complex data initiatives. This is the DFHeinz guarentee. 

Incubation Program

diversify your business portfolio

This program is designed for companies that want to diversify their portfolio or meet a critical deadline in 30 days. We work with teams to expedite market-ready products and, at the same time, augment whole developer teams in 3-6 months.


Learn why big data is a $103B market and how to tap into data assets

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