IoT Data Plane

A complete view of legacy assets & near real-time data

IoT Data Plane: Limitless Insights & Extensibility

Torn between whether to build or buy the hottest new edge IoT data plane? 

You’re in luck! It’s finally possible to gain full control over IoT insights WITHOUT a big-budget annual license fee. For the first time, data-driven enterprises are quickly spinning up their own custom architecture to harvest high volumes of data on-demand — even in the most complex IoT environments. 

Rather than choosing to build or buy, leaders in the industry are doing what they’ve always done behind the scenes for the past decade. The untold advantage for most large companies — like our clients at Netflix, Universal Studios, and the Mayo Clinic — is to incubate transparent architecture solutions in-house with DFHeinz. In just a few weeks, we coach developer teams on how to combine and customize common and not-so-common open source projects to achieve complex business goals fast. Because business needs change, we equip teams with the tools they need to quickly reconfigure the architecture and accommodate critical-now needs. 

What’s the difference between purchasing a black box vendor product and building your own transparent data solution? Millions in time, money, effort, and quality.

Big Data Architecture

The Power of Microservices

Need a solution that works immediately? You’re in luck. We’ve made it easy to spin up and customize microservices across the entire enterprise with our highly customizable Edge IoT Data Plane. Our data plane drastically reduces the amount of time, money, and effort that it takes to drive near-immediate value back to the business. It’s generic enough to be deployed in a week, but flexible enough to be rapidly adapted and extended when the time comes. 


  1. Our open source approach gives clients the ability to turn on real-time edge computing and analysis at scale in as little as 1-3 months.
  2. Adapt the most tested, hardened open source tools on the market and use them to meet very specific, pre-defined business needs.
  3. Design it transparently so that teams have the ability to drag, drop and swap new complex business use cases into the system in 4-5 days. 

Competitive Matrix

 TIME (avg)MONEY (avg)QUALITY (avg)
VENDOR PRODUCT18 months$250,000 annual subscription

Fee-based adaptability and extensibility

Limited sources, modes, domains, persistence, formats, scenarios

High volume, high latency

DFHeinz IoT Data Plane1-3 months$120,000 annual subscription

No-cost adaptability and extensibility unlimited formats

Unlimited sources, modes, domains, persistence. formats, scenarios

High volume, low latency

Low risk of latency per ML-based feedback

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