Fortune 500 companies that use open source tools get data products to market in weeks, not years. Our goal is to give you the same untold advantage.

An Uncommon Approach: Transparency

For the past decade, we have kept ahead of trends in data in an effort to add new, quantifiable value to clients like Netflix, Universal Studios, the Mayo Clinic, and many others.

The Industry’s Best Kept Secret: Big players in data use open source technologies. They secure and automate these technologies. They eliminate license and storage fees and, most importantly, they solve challenges that otherwise could not be accomplished by a full-time, highly skilled development team. 

In our experience, developers of all backgrounds are able to solve the toughest data challenges in just 3-6 months with DFHeinz. During this incubation period, we host a series of data sprints and coach the team toward a new capacity to use the same open source technologies leveraged by the world’s most competitive, data-driven leaders.

Major takeaways include: a solution to the problem, a new product, a new revenue opportunity, and a team that’s prepared to iterate & adapt fast to any future enterprise need.

Our lead data coach, Daryl Heinz, has served as Director of Training for three companies which were each acquired for more than $1B. More than motivating and educating developers, Heinz is well-known for his ability to grow morale and trust between motivated developers who want to take on difficult issues, but who need the proper tools and approach to succeed. 


expedite project deadlines
reduce data analysis costs
reduce data storage costs


identify a high value use case
deploy a market-ready solution
create a new revenue stream

Whether you are interested in better understanding the complete open source Apache stack, Google stack, Netflix OSS, the Cloud Native Initiative, or other Amazon offerings, we can help to navigate the pros and cons of each framework to make an informed decision for your organization. 


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