A return on investment is within reach

If you’re not getting value from data today, you’re not alone. You’re in the 91%.  

A January 2019 Gartner report shows that only 9 percent of organizations that pursue data, ML, and AI today are reporting transformational change from data initiatives. In other words, few companies have seen a return on investment. 

However, there are organizations that are getting value from data. To name a few: Netflix, the Zuckerberg Foundation, Mayo Clinic, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. At DFHeinz, we have coached these organizations and many others to find and use their data fast. 

It may surprise you to know that companies that are profiting from data — let’s call them the Nine Percent — are laser-focused on how to cut costs associated with finding and using massive amounts of data in near real-time. That’s why they work with us, not [IBM, Gartner, etc]. 

Rather than spend time vetting new data products, the Nine Percent pay a data coach to show them what free, pre-baked open source products can be customized to achieve specific, critical-now business goals in the next 30 days.

The result is that companies can solve many of their challenges very fast and at very little cost to the organization.

Solving complex data challenges in 30 days means more promotions, better bonuses.


DFHeinz Coaching Benefits: 

        • No product or vendor fees.

        • Deadlines are met in a matter of weeks, not months. 

        • Legacy data and new data are now accessible in one place.

        • The company’s portfolio now includes ML, AI services or products.

        • The solution is flexible enough to accommodate new business needs on-demand.

        • A new streams of revenue are market-ready in a matter of weeks, not years

        • On average, companies will see a 60% reduction in storage and analysis fees 


Why Do I Need a Coach?  

 A new open source project is born every day. Selecting the right one and customizing it to serve your unique business needs can be a challenge. The benefit of a coach is to support with navigation and, if necessary, to have them coach developer teams during deployment. 

Note: To increase knowledge of open source tools, we’re hosting a free series of Live Chats on YouTube. We’re calling them DUGTalks, or, Data User Group talks. 

Coaching Example One 

To prepare for streaming needs, company SMITH CO has made the decision to adopt Spark. Data coaches were brought in to make suggestions on next steps with reference data and Spark. Following the review of requirements, DFHeinz recommended using Flink as an alternative to Spark. Coaches say a company called Uber co-developed Flink in 2014 to resolve latency constraints. *Staff augmentation is optional

It’s the job of the data coach to be informed and engaged on the hundreds of projects available online. It’s not necessarily the job of a developer or business unit manager. That’s the role of a data coach. 

Coaching Example Two

A company needs to build a data lake (or data warehouse). The business unit managers would like to run analysis on both legacy data and new data coming into the lake. The cost of doing this is with assessed vendor products is $1M per year excluding business intelligence support. As an alternative, data coaches at DFHeinz have recommended combining free open source projects — Hadoop, Ambari, Metron and Flink — to eliminate the $1M per year fee. It is also their recommendation that we run business intelligence using Superset, a free open source project that has an interface that’s comparable to Tableau. *Staff augmentation is optional  

How Data Coaching Works

Once the business needs are identified, the next 30-90 days are spent (a) building the solution (b) coaching system administrators and developers. 

Rather than attend a lecture, the data sprints or in-house “labs” are sessions where teams are both deploying the solution and testing its relevant business attributes and capabilities at the same time. These trial scenarios are business-specific. Rather than writing one-off lines of code, whole developer teams now subject-matter experts.

The result is happy developers that drive direct, tangible value to business unit managers. More than that, business unit managers may show shareholders how they’ve turned the cost-heavy IT department into a profit center. 

This is the type of transformational change that’s made possible by the Nine Percent. You can achieve the same great success. And if you need us, we’re here to help. 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Everyone talks about data as the new oil. 

But no one talks about all the pirates on the open water who are there to raid the oil well with that annual license fee. 

At DFHeinz, we’re different. 

We charge half of what Hortonworks and Cloudera charge because we like the competition 🙂 

We’ll solve your challenge and get out of the way. We call this DFHeinz Consulting. 


We’ll train your teams to solve a problem or build a product. We call this “DFHeinz Incubation”…


We’ll co-create a product and help you get it to market as part of the “DFHeinz Portfolio”…


Regardless, we sign NDAs and have cage codes. Our Founder / CEO is a USMC veteran, if that helps you sleep at night. 

Business Implications

Most of our clients allocate payment for services to training, continued education, and consulting services budgets.

We can’t tell you how to budget for data services but we can guarantee a return on investment in three to six months.

Working with our coaches means you’re investing a one-time, up-front cost toward the pursuit of [Insert Big Data Initiative] with the understanding that there are no future fees. This is a paradigm shift that’s often difficult for CFOs, systems administrators, CTOs and CIOs to navigate.

Vendors are seen as bad. Expensive.

But vendors who eliminate the need for other vendors. What? No.

At DFHeinz, we’re not normal. We think radically different about how to generate business value quickly from data in a way that’s infinitely Scalable, Extensible, Adaptable and Repeatable (SEAR).

We’re SEARing data expectations so that new business growth can occur. This is a task that 91% of everyone is struggling to accomplish. We look forward to working with you to join the Nine Percent in generating more value from data using an approach that makes sense.

Whether you are interested in better understanding the complete open source Apache stack, Google stack, Netflix OSS, the Cloud Native Initiative, or other Amazon offerings, we can help to navigate the pros and cons of each framework to make an informed decision for your organization. 


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