Limitless Insights & Extensibility

  • August 30, 2019

So, you need a data solution that works immediately? 

It needs to be scalable, pre-baked and something that Cindy can update easily on her own on-demand when the business unit manager changes the global data strategy (again). 

Ah, and you need this solution to store and analyze massive amounts of dissimilar data coming in from an infinite number of disparate data sources? Lastly, it must also must work with whatever business intelligence dashboard Peggy purchased last week? 

No problem. You and everybody else! 

That’s why we’ve created an IoT Data Plane that can handle any curveball you throw at it today or tomorrow. 

Like Cindy, every company needs unlimited storage and processing power to scale what they already do well. Unfortunately, the many products that are heavily marketed today do not offer unlimited storage and processing power you need (i.e. a disappointed HDP customer). 

Why Is Unlimited Storage and Processing Power Necessary? 

According to McKinsey, 90% of the data companies are storing today was generated in the last two years. 

If Cindy doesn’t quickly accommodate dissimilar data coming in at a compounding rate, she’ll quickly fall behind her competitors. Like so many other mid-sized companies, it’s easy to assume there is no chance of innovating fast enough to keep up with the amount of data flowing in…

But managing all that data is easy with microservice technologies that are relatively new, but becoming more widely recognized in the mainstream market. 

There are expensive ways and inexpensive ways to adopt microservices. 

One way is to purchase a license fee for something that (hopefully) works. 

The second way is to work with a data coach to (a) customize a pre-baked microservice solution (b) augment the team toward an understanding of customizing microservices. 

In our case, when we’re handling massive amounts of dissimilar data, we will always use: 

        • Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Docker


At DFHeinz, we work with developers and system administrators to spin up any number of microservices to deliver on priority enterprise projects and, at the same time, optimize performance and flexibility in 30 days or less. 

The Result

  1. Launch a prototype in 30 days and explore what value ML, AI, IoT can mean for business.
  2. Solve a pre-existing data challenge in 30 days in the cloud, on-prem, or as a hybrid solution. 
  3. Deploy a market-ready product in 60-90 days and witness a return on investment with data. 
  4. Access to all different kinds of data streaming in from any environment. 
  5. The microservices architecture is license-free and can be customized to accommodate any future enterprise needs with very little effort. 
  6. Full control over your secure, forever resilient data destiny 


At DFHeinz, We’ve been coaching CIOs and CDOs to customize drag-and-drop, extensible machine learning and AI solutions for the past decade. Because we use adaptable open source technologies, the solutions we build are always license-free and deployed in as little as 30 days.

Yes, that’s a one-time upfront customization cost. 30 days. Boom, you’re done.  

For more on our approach, be sure to check out our “No BS Guide to Data”.

DFHeinz has coached more than 100 small shop and large-scale developer teams toward an understanding of what free projects are pre-baked and available online. This Data Plane with Edge Computing is one of 1,000,000 products you can build using any combination of license-free microservice technologies. 

Why haven’t I heard about open source microservices before? 

Microservices have only been made available in the last five years (top 5 releases 2014). Many of these technologies are freely available and co-developed by companies like Netflix, Hitachi, and others. 

These technologies are hardened and tested by the industry’s best developers. They’re 100% secure thanks to the support of other free stackable projects like Apache Metron.  It wasn’t until recently that these projects were released to the world by the many developers around the world who co-created them for the world’s toughest use case, then opened them up for the broader public to benefit from their crowdsourced expertise. 

These projects are not so mainstream because, well, would you want everyone to know the power of your license-free competitive advantage?

That you replaced Tableau with Superset for free? Grew revenue 2X? 

That you replaced SAP with OffBiz for free? Grew revenue 2X? 


Because we’ve had dozens of requests for the same customized data product, we’ve co-developed an “IoT Data Plane with Edge Computing” with one of our favorite customers and are in the process of making it available to the general public. It’s now a part of the DFHeinz data portfolio. 

In partnership with GSI Services, we’re excited to bring the IoT Data Plane with Edge Computing to any organization that wants to (a) leverage their existing assets and differentiate themselves in the data marketplace (b) solve existing challenges fast (c) generate a new stream of revenue in 30 days.

If you’re interested in our IoT Data Plane or any of the other incubation projects listed on our site, be sure to sign up for the 30-day DFHeinz Incubation Program. The IoT Data Plane with Edge Computing Program will leverage Jenkins, Kubernetes, and Docker. 

Blockchain technology services are available by request.