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IoT Data Plane: Limitless Insights & Extensibility With Edge Computing​

According to a recent McKinsey report 90% of the data that exists in the world today has been generated in the last two years. Much of this data is created by sensors sending video, audio and text as streaming data from automobiles, planes, drones, factory floors and even diagnostic tools that measure brain activity in epileptic infants, children and adults.

Storing, analyzing, and getting "value" from diverse data sets is a challenge. Analyzing the data on the sensor and forwarding it for more sophisticated analysis to a data center or cloud is increasingly more expensive. Mid-sized companies can pay over $1M in license fees just to store and (attempt) to receive benefit from their data.

In our experience, we have seen companies need unlimited storage and processing power to instantly scale-out what they need but, unfortunately, the solutions marketed to them are not getting the job done (i.e. disappointed MapR, Pivotal, IBM, Hortonworks and Cloudera customers). This is why we created the DFHz Minimally Viable Platform (MVP) data plane.

To accelerate the time-to-market (TTM) of a client’s custom data plane, DFHz has created an open-source, edge-to-center computing data plane that serves as the minimally viable platform (MVP). The MVP can be quickly transformed into any high performance and infinitely scaled application by incorporating the clients subject matter expert (SME) knowledge as machine-learning behaviors with fast multi-tier storage access.

The DFHz Data Plane MVP is a true open-source, high speed, high performance, highly mutable data plane that, given an accelerated schedule for time-to-market (TTM), can be modified to become an organization's customized data plane for their specific "edge-to-center" data analysis and storage.

It is well-known that with a rapid TTM comes a rapid return on investment (ROI). Cluster and microservice applications based on the DFHz MVP are found in production in the healthcare, financial, aviation, space, energy, cybersecurity and data governance/providence domains.

The customized DFHz data planes created for a client can be used on stand-alone devices, custom clusters (such as Meso, Yarn and Spark-based clusters) and as registered microservices in Azure, AWS and Google cloud spaces. The data planes integrate well into deployment scenarios such, on-site, hybrid and cloud.

DFHz Open ERP Suite: An Open Source Replacement for SAP ERP

Operational efficiency fuels enterprise value. Discover why CFOs and other executives are leveraging open source technologies to bring lasting business value in-house, augment teams, and delight shareholders.

An ERP Analytics portfolio can help the average company save $2.4 million in annual costs and increase ROI by 171%, according to Forrester. We believe this is only true if your ERP system is designed to serve core business needs.

The DFHz Open ERP Suite is 100% compatible with SAP ERP and, more important, can incrementally replace SAP ERP with a non-invasive migration approach. The DFHz Open ERP Suite consists of ASF open source components with no embedded license fee. Think of the license fee savings alone in the first year! As an added bonus the DFHz Open ERP Suite is extensible with just simple Java, in-house skills because its open source. That’s the DFHeinz commitment. Make data drive more enterprise value.

DFHz CyberSecurity Data Plane: Protection and Forensics from Open Source

The CyberSecurity Data Plane is a complete CyberSecurity administration and analysis system. It integrates with all known threat-dectection and home-grown legacy CyberSecurity suites allowing it to present a comprehensive security framework for the security of all software and data used within an enterprise.

The CyberSecurity Data Plane is 100% open source deriving its distributed capabilities from components such as Metron, Atlas and Ranger from the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and Vault from HashiCorp.

DFHz Smart Data Catalog

The SmartIndex is the data catalog where everyone that needs to know your business knows it deeply. Our solution is the first of its time to ingest data and derive value from it faster than anything else out there on the market.

This is because we leverage best practices with open source components and microservice technologies to expedite query times and deliver insights on-demand.

The SmartIndex data catalog, after ascertaing and remembering jthe location and characteristics of all enterprise data (both SQL and NoSQL), provides multiple query interfaces for fast data access and analysis transparently across distributed, heterogeneous data sources.

Query results are displayed in user-specified dashboards for BI analysis with data visualizations.  This user-customizable dashboard capability is a free, open-source component (Superset) that replaces the need for Tableau and its license.

Use the SmartIndex to rapidly FIND, USE and GET REVENUE from data, enhance operational efficiency, and grow your proprietary worth as a data powerhouse.

DFHz Automated DAMA Data Governance

The Automated DAMA Data Governance suite is open-source automation of the 10 knowledge areas found in the DAMA architecture for data governance. The data plane can support each knowledge independently or as an integrated workflow. This is the topic of a presentation by Daryl Heinz, CEO of DFHz, in San Diego in March 2020 for the Enterprise Data World conference.

DFHz CTO and CDO as a service (CTOAAS and CDOAAS)

Build a solution, meet critical deadlines, and augment developer teams as part of the process. DFHz can provide seasoned, industry-respected professionals to serve as an interim or temporary Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or Chief Data Officer (CDO) to drive business value fast.

For more than 15 years, we've helped companies to grow a better understanding of what big data, machine learning, and IoT tools exist. More than that, we've helped them to implement solutions in-house on tight deadlines.

If you're interested in turning your IT center into a profit center, be sure to contact us for a free consultation using this link.

Grow Wealth With Data In-House

The DFHz Advantage

The DFHz Incubation Process

  1. Launch a prototype in 30 days and explore what value ML, AI, IoT can mean for business.
  2. Solve a pre-existing data challenge in 30 days in the cloud, on-prem, or as a hybrid solution. 
  3. Deploy a market-ready product in 60-90 days and witness a return on investment with data. 

Competitive Matrix

 TIME (avg)MONEY (avg)QUALITY (avg)
VENDOR PRODUCT18 months$250,000 annual subscription

Fee-based adaptability and extensibility

Limited sources, modes, domains, persistence, formats, scenarios

High volume, high latency

DFHeinz IoT Data Plane1-3 monthsNo subscription

No-cost adaptability and extensibility unlimited formats

Unlimited sources, modes, domains, persistence. formats, scenarios

High volume, low latency

Low risk of latency per ML-based feedback

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