Smart Data Catalog

  • September 5, 2019

Discover Data Assets

Digital transformation begins when everyone in the organization can find and use data on-demand. Turn on higher value insights in a matter of days, not years.

The SmartIndex is the data catalog where everyone that needs to know your business knows it deeply. Our solution is the first of its time to ingest data and derive value from it faster than anything else out there on the market. 

This is because we leverage best practices with microservice technologies to expedite query times and deliver insights on-demand. Clients that have seen great success with this approach include the Mayo Clinic, The Zuckerberg Foundation, Canadian Rail, among many others. 

The DFHeinz SmartIndex uses machine learning to give organizations a complete field of view for priority assets. Use the SmartIndex to actually find and use data, enhance operational efficiency, and grow your proprietary worth as a data powerhouse.   

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